A risk assessment is a process by which to determine the vulnerabilities and threats that exist and require protection, and to identify the controls in place to understand what may cause loss of information  confidentiality, integrity, or availability. The purpose of a risk  assessment is to identify and prioritize issues and help management create prioritized strategies and controls for protection of information assets.  Cyber Security Safeguards, LLC. can assist with the following types of risk assessments:

  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Information Technology and Information Security (includes cybersecurity)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) Information Security
  • eBanking & Online Services
  • Mobile Banking
  • Vendor Management
  • Pre and post Technology Projects
  • HIPAA and Meaningful Use

Cyber Security Safeguards risk assessments are backed with thorough research, knowledge of the current regulatory and risk assessment methodologies and needs, as well as numerous years of experience designing and performing regulatory assessments.