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Cybersecurity Oversight, Controls and Remediation

Cyber Security Safeguards, LLC. can assess the overall security of your  organization’s cybersecurity controls and provide a valuable baseline for determining  appropriate safeguards. We use a layered approach to cybersecurity controls,  to identify potential threats and provide a prioritized  remediation road-map based on the criticality and impacts of the  findings. In doing so, our clients benefit from highly-effective, yet  cost-effective implementation strategies.

Risk Assessments

A risk assessment is a process by which to determine the vulnerabilities and threats that exist and require protection, and to identify the controls in place to understand what may cause loss of information  confidentiality, integrity, or availability. The purpose of a risk  assessment is to identify and prioritize issues and help management create prioritized strategies and controls for protection of information assets.  Cyber Security Safeguards, LLC. can assist with the following types of risk assessments:

  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Information Technology and Information Security (includes cybersecurity)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) Information Security
  • eBanking & Online Services
  • Mobile Banking
  • Vendor Management
  • Pre and post Technology Projects
  • HIPAA and Meaningful Use

Vulnerability and Penetrations Tests

Cyber Security Safeguards, LLC. can perform vulnerability assessments and penetration tests of your organizations internal and external networks.  These assessments will provide an understanding of potential threats that can be exploited by hackers, which can allow access to your company's and customer's confidential information as well as a means to shutdown systems and services to your employees and customers.

Our assessments will provide an overall review of your network security and the organization’s systems and provide valuable knowledge for determining the appropriate safeguards to implement.  Periodic assessments are a requirement of many regulatory agencies and verify that old system deployments and new system implementations and changes to existing systems have not introduced new, unmitigated vulnerabilities to the  organization.

We use a multi-layered approach to security testing, with informed and uninformed tests and map the findings to resolutions to mitigate issues identified to assist you in remediation.  In doing so, our clients  benefit from effective, cost-saving implementation solution strategies.

Social Engineering Testing

Social engineering  is a critical component of an information security program to ensure your organization's Security Awareness Training is effective.  Cyber Security Safeguards LLC's assessors will work closely with management to determine the best social engineering assessment to perform to assist management with determining the effectiveness of the organization's information security training and identify any weaknesses.

Our approach to social  engineering testing ensures our clients benefit from the most realistic scenarios  currently identified in for your industry. We  provide qualitative detailed results with recommended best practices to assist in resolving the issues identified.

Information Security Officer Services

If you elect to go with Cyber Security Safeguards LLC’s Information Security Officer Services, you are partnering with someone that knows, understands and has been a Chief Information Security Officer for many years in various organizations.  This brings a wealth of experience in information security compliance, regulations and  governance, and who will assist in developing, managing and supporting your  institution’s information security program.  We are well versed in industry best practices such as, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Cyber Security FFIEC requirements, HIPAA and Meaningful Use.  For more information click - Information Security Officer Services

Vendor Management

In today's business environments of outsourced providers, contractors and cloud computing, vendor management is a key component of any information security program.  We can thoroughly inspect your current vendor management program and provide guidance to protect your organization from threats coming from your vendors and service providers.  We can assist you to make sure you have the right controls in place to protect your organization from third-party risks.

Cyber Security Safeguards, LLC. has managed and assessed vendor management programs for many years.  These years of experience will assist your organization in making sure you have the correct approach in place to protect your organization from your vendors and any weak controls they may have in place, as well as, meeting all regulatory requirements.

IT Policy and Procedure Review and Development

Cyber Security Safeguards, LLC. has numerous years of developing policies and procedures for IT departments in the financial and healthcare industries.  We can perform a policy and procedure gap analysis and provide a detailed report of what is missing.  You can use this report and use your staff to update your policies and procedures, or you can hire Cyber Security Safeguards, LLC. to work with your staff to update your policies and procedures.

Our methodology starts at the top with a well-defined program that is supported by strong policies that cover all the regulatory requirements and best practices.  These documents are supported by a set of procedures to guide your staff on the day-to-day steps required to run your IT department.

Information Technology and Security Analysis, Design and Implementation

We have many years of experience in information technology and security in various industries, which allow us to assist you in evaluating and designing the appropriate technology and security architecture to grow your organization in an efficient and effective way while protecting your assets.  Our years of experience in various industries provides us the skills to provide a design that meets your specific needs and requirements.  If you are looking for a trusted vendor to assist you in an technology architecture or security upgrade, give us a call.

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