Cyber Security Safeguards, LLC.'s approach to Information Security Awareness is not an annual approach, but a continuum of training, information and testing.  We believe that any good information security education and awareness program requires constant and consist sharing of information.  This can be performed through classroom training, online training portals with testing, constant email messages of issues and trends in the environment, and social engineering testing.  Infosec awareness is needed to protect your confidential information!

We offer a customized security awareness training program that is performed onsite for your staff, management and board of directors.  The training is tailored to your organization and needs, as well as the audience.  The training provided for the staff is different than the training for the board of directors, because the needs are different.

Our security awareness training partnered with our social engineering testing is the best approach to ensure your organization is prepared for the type of threats your employees will see, and they will know how to react.  This will ensure the appropriate safeguards are in place to minimize cybersecurity attacks.

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